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alkaline water can be beneficial in moderation

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or fight cancer, alkaline water can be a convenient way to boost your health. This water is claimed to help detoxify your body, improve digestion, and reduce bone loss. Alkaline water is often made at home with baking soda, lemon, or a water ionizer.

While alkaline water can be beneficial in moderation, there is little clinical evidence to support its health benefits. It may also have negative effects on your kidneys. It’s best to talk to your doctor before consuming alkaline water.

In addition, a lot of the health claims for alkaline water are based on animal studies. Studies in animals are not comparable to human studies. While a few small-scale studies have suggested that alkaline water may be beneficial, they do not provide enough evidence to support any health claims. This makes it difficult to say whether or not alkaline water is safe. Several health experts say that the water is safe to drink, but it can have negative effects on people with kidney disease.

Many companies claim that alkaline water can help with acid reflux, or GERD. In fact, alkaline water has been shown to help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux. It can also help reduce symptoms of laryngopharyngeal reflux. In these cases, the acid travels back up the esophagus and causes a burning sensation in the lower chest. Drinking alkaline water may also deactivate the enzyme associated with acid reflux, pepsin. Pepsin is an enzyme that breaks down proteins. When the enzyme is deactivated, the body can’t break down protein properly. This can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Alkaline water can also reduce blood osmolality, or the level of hydration being measured. This is important because high osmolality is associated with an increased risk of stroke. It also may help improve stool consistency, thereby helping to maintain a regular digestive system.

Some of the most common health claims for alkaline water include improved digestion and circulation, reduced acid reflux symptoms, improved bone health, and improved metabolism. These benefits may be more noticeable in people who don’t exercise as much as those who do. Whether or not you’ll notice any of these health benefits depends on your lifestyle and diet. In addition, the benefits might not be instantaneous.

One study found that drinking alkaline water decreased blood viscosity by 6.30%. This can help increase hydration levels, improve heart health, and improve skin. Other studies have shown that alkaline water helps athletes recover from intense exercise.

However, Acqua Kangen many companies make unsubstantiated health claims. These claims are often used to encourage people to buy their products. These claims may be untrue, but they are still being used to sell expensive alkaline water filters. A 2016 review of alkaline water research found no evidence that alkaline water could prevent cancer.

There are also some concerns about alkaline water’s impact on bone health. The Food and Drug Administration has stated that there is no evidence to support the claim that drinking alkaline water can prevent bone loss. In addition, there aren’t any clinical studies proving that chronic low-grade acidosis is caused by alkaline water.