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Bill Bhangal v. Victim

The victim was referred to Bill Bhangal, a successful businessman who has been active in the community and works in the community as a volunteer. The victim described herself as “angry and scared,” and described being in debt. She had been struggling for over two years and had dropped out of school. She was suffering from depression and had been relying on her parents for financial assistance. Bhangal’s successful business record and two letters of reference speak highly of his character and integrity.

Bill Hundal

The prosecution used videotapes of Hundal’s family and surveillance footage of his computer to support its case against him. Hundal claims his defense attorney, Harjot Walia, failed to retain a videotape expert and failed to explain how the footage could not have shown the crimes he claimed. While Lowenstein was retained by Hundal to help him with his defense, he was not permitted to question witnesses, including Hundal himself. This led the prosecution to introduce a videotape of an incident that took place in the Hundal family’s home. In addition, the victim testified at trial.

M. was upset to hear about this incident. She said she felt her father rubbing her private area against her. “I feel my father’s heart beating faster now,” she replied. Afterward, she contacted the Child Advocacy Center and gave an interview. She was wearing her first bra. She felt compelled to tell her story to the agency.

The former Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Richard Carmona, disapproved of how the Bush administration had handled scientific information. He also spoke of the dangers of ideological bias in science. He said that his report was “historic” for the United States and he was dissatisfied with Bill Bhangal the Bush administration’s handling of the information.

Hundal also claims that the prosecutor violated the Batson clause by peremptorily challenging the Hindu Sikh on the jury panel. In addition, he claims that counsel was ineffective for failing to object to the challenge during the trial. Despite these concerns, the prosecution has not responded to Hundal’s appeal, nor have the appellate courts.

Bill Hundal’s daughter, Pam Hundal, is a Brampton lawyer. She is also the first vice-president of the Ontario PC Party and a provincial candidate in Brampton-Springdale. She has run for office twice before and lost to Liberal Kuldip Kular. The Hundal family has a history of political aspirations in the area.