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Casoline Injection Services

BG GDI fuel/air induction service

You should schedule a BG GDI fuel/air inductive service for your vehicle every 15,000 miles. This service will clean the air induction system, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers, which can improve gas mileage and reduce emissions. This service is performed by a BG certified mechanic. They will use a BG ISC (r) Induction System Cleaner to remove carbon deposits and baked-on deposits.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process of removing deposits from fuel injectors and other engine parts through a series of ultrasonic waves. This process is effective in cleaning fuel lines, fittings, and rails. The results are clean injectors and a fresh, dependable engine.

Cylinder head remanufacture

Cylinder head remanufacture is a process used to restore engine parts. The remanufacture process involves using different techniques and methods to restore engine parts. These methods can include welding, casting, and machining. The gdi maintenance parts are also thoroughly cleaned to remove any metal shavings. Valve seats and guides are also replaced. The valves are cleaned and painted.

Camshaft grinding

Camshaft grinding is an important procedure to improve the overall efficiency of the casoline injection system. During this process, a cam is cleaned in a ceramic media solvent bath to remove rust, grease and baked-on oil. After this cleaning, the camshaft is inspected and centered using camshaft centers. The main bearing area is then straightened to within one thousandth of an inch to ensure that the profile is symmetrical.

Dynamometer testing

Dynamometer testing is a crucial part of casoline injection services, since the vehicle engine must be tuned properly to maintain optimal performance. Various types of dynamometers are available for different purposes, and the type of engine testing you need will depend on the engine type and the parameters of the test. Go Power Systems’ sales engineers can help you determine which dynamometers are best for your specific needs. They can advise you on the type of engine, horsepower range, and motoring capacity of each dynamometer.

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