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Dementia Care in Australia

Dementia care is available to those who are caring for a loved one suffering from this condition. The program offers a variety of care options and services. It offers support and education to carers, allowing them to find out that they are not alone in their struggle. The program also includes tips and strategies for effective communication, how to organise their day and where to apply for assistance. Some services offered by Dementia Care Sydney include nursing care, end-of-life care, and incontinence management.

Professor Philip Siddall

Dementia is the most common type of illness in Australia, yet it is difficult to manage. Many patients who are diagnosed with this illness have difficulty with day-to-day activities, and can feel lonely or hopeless. For this reason, many families are entrusting their loved ones to the care of a dementia specialist. Fortunately, there are now many Sydney dementia specialists who can help.

Dr Mark Buhagiar

Dr Mark Buhagiar, Director of Dementia Care Sydney Click Here, says that his patients’ health is not the only factor that impedes their recovery. In the early days of the illness, his patients were often misdiagnosed, even suspected of having mental health conditions, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. However, over time, his patients began to recover, and his research is now helping other patients to find better ways to cope with the disease.

Dr Martin Kennedy

Dr Martin Kennedy is an experienced and compassionate palliative medicine physician who holds appointments at Macquarie, Sydney and NSW Universities. He has extensive experience in rehabilitation, palliative and pain medicine and has worked in public and private acute care facilities and rehabilitation units. He has a passion for helping people and loves travelling with his patients. He has been practicing in Sydney for over 20 years. At Dementia Care Sydney, he has helped hundreds of people living with dementia.

Associate Professor Josephine Clayton

Dementia care is a major part of the life of an older person. This article discusses the role of palliative care in enhancing the quality of life. Professor Josephine Clayton is a senior staff specialist in the Department of Palliative Care at HammondCare Greenwich Hospital. She is also a member of the Sydney Medical School’s faculty of health.

Dr Friedbert Kohler

While addressing the issue of aging, Dr Friedbert Kohler, Director of Aged Care and Rehabilitation at the South Western Sydney Local Health District, highlighted the need for an integrated, multimodal approach to care. He also noted that older people are at higher risk of falling when they are malnourished and dehydrated. According to him, there are a number of interventions that can be used to reduce these risks.

Professor Melanie Lovell

Dr. Melanie Lovell is a senior staff specialist in palliative medicine at HammondCare Greenwich Hospital and adjunct professor at the University of Technology Sydney. She also teaches medical students about palliative care, cancer pain assessment, and spirituality. She chairs a working group that updates the National Cancer Pain Management Guidelines. She speaks frequently about the latest research into dementia care. Here she answers some of our frequently asked questions.