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Efficient ID Card Machines Tailored for Small Business Needs

If you’re running a small business or are a small office, having your own ID card printing machine can help you manage day-to-day access in your premises in a variety of ways. It’s far easier than relying on third party services and will allow you to control the look, design and features of your cards without having to wait for an external supplier to make them for you. Having your own card printer will also allow you to print visitor badges and other types of temporary cards quickly for contractors and guests.

There are a wide variety of id card machines for small businesses out there with different capacities, features and budgets. Before you decide on the best one for your business, it’s important to understand what your business requires and what features are most essential.

Generally, smaller businesses will have a lower demand for id card machines for small businesses and will need to print on a more ad-hoc basis. This means you need a machine that is easy to use and simple to set up. It’s likely you will also need a low cost model that doesn’t have as many features as higher-end models. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality and a reliable model can still offer you high-quality card printing, quick printing times and the flexibility of being able to add encoding capabilities.

An excellent option for smaller offices is a direct-to-card printer such as the IDP Smart 21. These models are hand-fed and don’t require input and output hoppers which makes them suitable for smaller spaces. They’re also incredibly affordable and have a wide range of security features such as holoKote watermarking which helps to protect data on your cards.

Another option is a retransfer card printer like the Evolis Badgy 100. These models have a compact design making them suitable for smaller spaces and have an eco-friendly build which helps to reduce energy consumption. They’re also a great choice for those who want to add an additional layer of protection to their cards with a laminate coating.

Bringing ID card printing in-house can be costly so it’s worth exploring what your business could charge for the service as this can offset the cost of buying and maintaining an ID card printer. You may even want to consider creating a service bureau for other organisations.

If you’re ready to take your business into the digital age and bring in-house card printing, Bodno has a huge selection of models that are affordable, quick and reliable. Our id card printers for small businesses are designed to be simple, fast and user-friendly so you can get to work producing your own professional and high-quality ID cards. With fantastic deals and bundles available, there’s something for every budget. To find out more about the best id card machines for your business, speak to our team who will be happy to help.