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How to Choose the Best Singing Waiters Show for Your Event

Singing waiters have become a hugely popular way to add a wow factor to a wedding, corporate event or private party. They offer the perfect blend of entertainment and surprise and are a cost-effective alternative to hiring live musicians. But how do you choose the right singing waiters show for your event? There are so many options available – the best one for you will depend on the style of your event, the scale and budget, as well as your individual preferences.

Firstly, it is important to understand what a Singing Waiters show actually involves. Generally speaking, a professional surprise singing waiters act will consist of one or more professionally trained performers who will go undercover as wait staff at your chosen venue. After liaising with yourselves, they will wait until the right moment to begin their performance. This is usually at some kind of prepared ‘accident’ – for example, dropping a tray of cutlery or knocking over a wine glass. This creates a natural commotion that will draw the attention of the audience and the waiting staff can then begin their ‘performance’.

The performances can range from a simple song to a fully-fledged operatic show and everything in between. A typical set will last between twenty and thirty minutes, which is designed to enthrall your guests and provide them with excitement and power. It also allows them to interact with your guests, who will be encouraged to wave their napkins in the air and sing along.

Singing Waiters shows often feature multiple singers, which opens up opportunities for harmonies and a greater range of musical genres. The performers are very experienced in the music industry, often having a background that stretches from performing on the West End to working at Disney. As a result, their vocals are often breathtakingly good!

If you are planning a wedding, Singing Waiters performers can perform a romantic serenade for the happy couple, which will be a real treat for them and their friends. They can even get the whole table involved with a group sing-a-long. This can be an ideal way to get everyone in the mood for the big day and make sure the wedding party feels included in the celebrations.

Similarly, surprise singing waiters can also be a great option for a birthday party or anniversary. They can serenade the guest of honour with a special song, which will really surprise them and create a lasting memory of their special day.

In addition to their awe-inspiring vocals, singing waiters are also experienced in comedy and have an impressive track record of entertaining crowds. They know how to read the room and how to keep an audience engaged, making them an excellent choice for any event. They can also work with you to create a completely bespoke package that fits the specific needs of your event. They can even travel worldwide to provide a unique entertainment experience, having performed in venues across the globe and entertained celebrities, V.I.Ps and even Presidents!