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Kettybot Delivers a State-of-The-Art Experience in Restaurants

kettybot is Pudu Technology’s latest delivery and reception robot that combines advertisement display, customer guiding and AI voice interaction, and is designed as a low cost and high efficiency solution. It provides a state-of-the-art experience in high traffic restaurants.

The 18.5-inch screen on kettybot is customizable to fit your company’s branding and advertising, making it an eye-catching marketing attraction. It can also be used to promote new products and services, or to interact with customers at the front counter. The removable rear cover allows the kettybot to take on two different forms at the same time, making it even more flexible.

The intelligent route planning on kettybot ensures that it can navigate complex and dynamic environments. It constantly scans its surroundings with several sensors and avoids possible obstacles at an early stage. It can work for up to 8 hours on a single charge, and when the battery is running low it will notify you with a voice signal and autonomously return to the charging station.

With its smart C-shaped body, kettybot is the ideal choice for crowded spaces. It can pass through a clearance of 55cm and is able to maneuver in tight corners, which means it can go where other robots cannot.

In a restaurant, kettybot can greet customers and lead them to their tables. It can also provide additional information, such as a list of specials or the daily menu. With the ability to scan faces, kettybot can also act as a server and take order from guests on a touch screen. It can even accept credit cards, allowing it to replace the traditional cash register in some establishments.

Moreover, kettybot can cruise in specific areas to give customers free snacks and drinks accompanied by broadcasts of services and promotions. In this way, it can help to increase the average check in a restaurant and reduce waiter workload.

The kettybot can also be equipped with a camera to perform surveillance, helping to prevent theft and other security issues in hotels. In addition, it can help to save energy by switching off its lights and adjusting the temperature in rooms. It can also be programmed to perform various tasks such as delivering food and snacks or cleaning surfaces.

As a result, kettybot can help to improve the efficiency of restaurants and hotels, which can help to address labor shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can also save costs by reducing waste and eliminating the need for hiring temporary workers.

The kettybot is being used by a variety of businesses in the US. For example, the AC Marriott in Escazu, Costa Rica, has a fleet of kettybots that seat customers and deliver meals. Its face recognition system can also authenticate guest faces and help to identify VIPs. The hotel is partnered with a Mexican computer consulting firm called CIISA, which sells the kettybot and other robots in Central America.