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Pallet Racking Protectors

Pallet racking protectors are used to ensure that forklifts and pallet jacks do not damage the racks. These protective structures are made of flexible steel and a rubber core, which deflects impacts. They fit around standard pallet rack columns and are fastened with 55 pounds of flexible steel.

Column guards

Pallet racks typically hold up to 2500 pounds per shelf level. However pallet racking protectors, repeated forklift impacts can damage the rack and damage the contents. To avoid these incidents, pallet racks should be fitted with column guards. These safety devices are an essential part of any warehouse pallet racking solution and can help extend the lifespan of the racking system.

Another type of column guard is the post protector. These are designed to protect the upright columns of pallet racking. They are available in different styles and heights. They are ideal for warehouses where forklift traffic is high and can cause damage to the uprights.

End-of-row frame guards

End-of-row frame guards for Pallet Racks are a very useful way to extend the life of your racking. Damaged frames can become dangerous for warehouse workers and create a dangerous environment. This type of guard can be installed at the end of an aisle or row and protects the uprights from forklift impact.

There are several types of rack end guards available on the market. The Heavy Duty Rack Protection is the gold standard, measuring 12″ in height and containing a 1/2″ thick round end. The guard is designed to protect the front frame post, as well as the side posts and rear column. These end guards can be purchased in standard or custom sizes.

Plastic extruded bumpers

Extruded bumpers protect the racks from heavy impact. They are made of tough rubber, and they can also protect semitrailers and vehicles parked against buildings. Half-oval extruded bumpers are ideal for this purpose, as they provide effective fendering action across wide radiuses. Furthermore, they can be easily installed, because they are made with predrilled 7/8″ holes.

These bumpers have a variety of applications, and their design allows them to be mounted in a variety of configurations. For example, a bumper can be mounted in a C-channel or on a label holder.

Steel guard rails

Industrial steel guardrails absorb the force of collision and are available in double and single-height models. They are especially important in the loading dock, one of the most dangerous areas in a warehouse. Poor visibility makes falls from loading docks a common hazard. In these cases, collapsible guardrails in high-visibility yellow can prevent falls into the loading bay. Goal post guards are another safety measure that can prevent damage caused by errant vehicles.

Guard rails are available from a variety of manufacturers. Most industrial guard rails are made of heavy-gauge metal, and provide a protective barrier against dangerous plant equipment. These guard rails are commonly used in manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.