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The Poetry of Life

The poetry of life covers a vast territory, and it is the nerve of human existence. For those who want to explore its depths, here are some of the best poems. Charlotte Bronte is perhaps the best known, though there are others like Walt Whitman who were more famous for their prose than poetry. Read their poems and see which one speaks to you. There’s something for everyone in this collection! But which is your favorite?

Poems by Charlotte Bronte

The poem “Life” by Charlotte Bronte explores the idea of hope and optimism. As Bronte points out, life isn’t always as dark and grim as we sometimes think. After all, rain makes flowers bloom. The poet compares life to the sun and reveals that even the worst of times can bring hope and joy. However, life is also full of pain and suffering. Despite this, she encourages us to have faith in our own abilities.

In this poem, Charlotte Bronte employs imagery to express how she feels. Imagery is the use of images to express a particular feeling. In the poem, hope takes first place over despair. However Poetry of Life, she also uses bright, cheerful days to contrast the hopelessness of the dark times. Although we are surrounded by darkness, we must not let it derail us from our hopes. There is hope for tomorrow, even when life isn’t as beautiful as we would like.

Walt Whitman

The first publication of Whitman’s work, Leaves of Grass, came in 1856. It contained 33 poems and earned the poet praise from Emerson and others. After the book’s first edition, Whitman spent nearly a decade in Washington, DC, working in hospitals. He later moved to New York City and began a successful newspaper career. He died at the age of forty-five, but his poetry lives on.

Walt Whitman’s poetic work is a rich collection of free verse poetry that celebrates the symbiotic union between the body and the soul. He reaffirms the sacredness of the human body, charging it with a soul charge. Similarly, Whitman wonders if those who defile bodies are as bad as the dead. Whitman’s poem is an attempt to define the soul’s importance and purpose in life.

Charlotte Bronte

The poem “Life” by Charlotte Bronte is a classic example of a Victorian long narrative poem. Interestingly, Bronte’s work is not a satire but rather a meditation on life. In it, Bronte compares the gloomy and bright days in life. In other words, life is not as grim as it may seem at times. It is also full of beauty.

Despite being the eldest of the three sisters, Charlotte Bronte’s poetry is not as well known as her sisters’ poems. Her sister Emily Bronte, who wrote the most prose-like poems, is better known for her discursive poetic style. This has led to a lower estimation of Charlotte Bronte’s poetry. Nonetheless, one cannot deny the power of “Pilate’s Wife’s Dream,” which is arguably better than Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous poem.