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Top-Rated Commercial Toilet Refurbishment Services

Commercial toilets undergo more wear and tear than their residential counterparts, and if they aren’t properly maintained or repaired, problems can quickly arise. A commercial property owner may need to call for bathroom renovation services to ensure their toilets are functioning correctly and fostering a positive guest experience.

In addition to addressing any issues with functionality, a commercial property owner should focus on the design and aesthetics of their restroom remodel. This can include updating the color, style and appearance of toilets, sinks and other fixtures. Using products specifically designed for commercial use can help reduce costs over time by increasing durability and reducing the need for costly repairs.

Upgrading surfaces such as floor and wall tile, sinks, countertops and top-rated commercial toilet refurbishment ceiling tiles can create a clean, updated appearance and add value to the space. Using materials that are easy to clean can help prevent water stains and discoloration over time.

An aging, outdated restroom can make your guests feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. By making a few simple changes, you can breathe new life into your hotel or restaurant restroom and improve guest satisfaction.

Toilets are often the most visible component of any washroom, so you can use them to instantly update a room’s look and feel. Adding decorative details like mosaic tile can add a bold, modern element to a space while also making it easier for staff to maintain and keep clean.

Choosing an efficient toilet can increase energy and water savings in your commercial property and improve your bottom line. Look for options that have a low flow rate and use less than two gallons of water per flush. Also, be sure to choose toilets that meet ASME standards for drain line carry so they can properly push waste down to the sewer system and avoid clogs.

Consider using a built-in nightlight to illuminate the toilet area at night. This will eliminate the need for a separate nightlight and can cut down on maintenance expenses. However, it’s important to be careful not to add too many advanced features that could require additional maintenance. These include features such as bidet attachments and automatic lids, which may require specialized plumbers to repair or replace.

A good renovation project starts with a well-designed specification that defines all components of the washroom, including the choice of sanitary ware. For example, vandal prone areas may require specialist anti-vandal taps whereas a higher end specification will include sensor flush systems for toilets and urinals. Non-concussive taps are another feature that can help reduce maintenance costs by cutting down on water usage.

Upgrading to a more efficient toilet can reduce the number of plumbing repairs and maintenance calls. The most common cause for these issues is a faulty chain-link flapper valve, which can be fixed easily with an inexpensive replacement part. Also, it’s crucial to install an effective float rod, which ensures that the fill tank remains below the overflow tube when water is added. This will prevent the overflow of the bowl and the subsequent water puddle on the floor, which can lead to mold and mildew.