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Train Tours in Jasper

Train tours in Jasper can be an unforgettable experience. You can choose a package that includes food, wine, and beer, and enjoy the scenery and service of the local area. If you’d like to enjoy your ride even more, consider one of the many Rocky Mountaineer excursions. This train offers one of the best entertainment values in Jasper, and will ensure that you’re entertained throughout the trip.

Rocky Mountaineer train tour

The Canadian Rockies rise along the Alberta-British Columbia border, a mighty mountain range that is a gateway to pristine wilderness. The Rocky Mountaineer train offers spectacular vistas of the Click here Canadian Rockies, as well as numerous activities such as lake cruises, nature hikes, skytram excursions, and treks to the Athabasca Glacier. While you’re on the train, a National Geographic Expert will accompany you and provide you with a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective.

The Rocky Mountaineer has two-level glass-domed coaches, allowing you to see the breathtaking mountain vistas. You’ll pass the Fraser Canyon, where 200 million gallons of water flow every second, and the Thompson River, with its steep slopes and rock sheds. After passing Ashcroft, the train will continue westward to Kamloops, where you’ll disembark and explore the town.

Journey through the Clouds Explorer package

The Journey through the Clouds is a train journey through the Canadian Rockies. It follows the same route as the Canadian but with a few differences, such as its name. Originally named the Yellowhead route, this line opened in 1917 and has been re-branded as Journey through the Clouds since 2010. The train leaves Jasper around 8am and travels up Yellowhead Pass, the lowest mountain pass in the Rockies. From there, it proceeds up the Kicking Horse Pass, which is more difficult. This choice was made due to political tensions and the desire of Canadian Pacific to protect its territory.

Rocky Mountaineer routes resume running in May 2022

The Rocky Mountaineer started running its routes again in May 2022. The railway offers 3 different routes to the Rocky Mountains, with one way and return options. These routes are designed to be completed during daylight hours. However, if you’d like to take a trip in the morning, you’ll want to purchase a one-way ticket.

The Rocky Mountaineer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a luxurious train journey through Western Canada and the USA. The trains feature excellent on-board service and gourmet cuisine. The company has also teamed up with tour companies, hotel chains, and local tourism boards to help create a unique vacation package for passengers.

Vaccination required for Rocky Mountaineer train tour

The Rocky Mountaineer is one of the world’s most iconic trains, offering a scenic rail journey to a variety of destinations in Canada. It features luxurious carriages, excellent service, and fine meals. The train travels along three rail routes in the Canadian Rockies. Each route offers a different set of sights. Along the way, you’ll pass through temperate rainforests, glacier-fed lakes, and some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in North America.

While the federal government has temporarily suspended the requirement for travelers to be vaccinated for certain diseases before taking a rail trip, the changes could impact bookings. However, the Rocky Mountaineer remains responsible for the health of its passengers and crew.

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